Who Is Your Jesus?

With Easter nearby, my heart has been pondering the full meaning of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. Do we really have a full understanding of who our Jesus is? This season is a good time to realign our hearts and lives if needed, because the reality is, to truly know Jesus is to live like He did. And by our lives we teach others who Jesus is too.

When Jesus arrived on the scene over 2000 years ago proclaiming He was the long awaited Messiah, many were disappointed because the Messiah they had envisioned was very different than this Messiah standing before them. Many had dreamed of a Messiah who would come and free them from the oppression of Rome – a warrior who would deliver them by force. So imagine their surprise when instead, this Messiah came preaching love and servanthood, this Messiah spent his hours ministering to the sick, and this Messiah continually sought out those society had cast away. No, this Messiah definitely didn’t fit the picture they had in their minds.

Today many believers have a picture of Jesus that’s very different than who He really is. Like those in Jesus’ time people often make Jesus to be who they want, rather than embracing who He really is. Sometimes it’s because of a lack of understanding, other times it’s to help justify a compromised lifestyle or soothe a guilty conscience. Whatever the reason, it’s important we not only understand who Our Jesus really is, but align our hearts and lives with who He really is.

Who is Jesus? While Jesus may not have fulfilled the expectations of a warrior Messiah back then, it was undeniable that He was anything but weak. Jesus walked with so much power and authority that demons shuddered at His voice, the wind and waves obeyed his command, and sickness and death were powerless in His presence. Who was Jesus? He was meek- always displaying strength under control. He was the Son of Almighty God. He was Father God’s hands and feet on the earth showing us Divine love and power. Jesus may not have come as the Messiah many expected, nor even wanted, but His influence and power were undeniable. While some saw His death on the cross as defeat, in reality it was the ultimate victory! Jesus’ greatest show of love and power came into play the day He willingly chose to lay His life down on that cross for us. The truth is, the Son of God, became the son of man, so He could die for you and me. The One who could obliterate His enemies with a blink of the eye, willingly laid it all down. Jesus CHOSE to be beaten, mocked and tortured for us as only one with perfect love could. He CHOSE to take on our punishment as only one with complete power and authority could. While many thought His death was the end, it was just the beginning. Jesus went to hell fighting OUR battle, crushing OUR enemy, and facing OUR fate. And when He rose again in victory, this Messiah, Our Jesus, sealed not only our eternity in Heaven, but our destiny here on earth

The very plan of God was fulfilled by Jesus. There were no mistakes. The plan was perfectly orchestrated and implemented by Almighty God. Jesus paved the way, and made it possible for us to now live our lives as sons of God on earth. Every action and every word of Jesus, could now be lived out by us. Many missed out on what Jesus did then, and many do today as well, because they have a distorted picture of who Jesus is. They make Jesus to be who they want, rather than who He is.

Who is your Jesus? The people of Jesus’ time wanted a Warrior Messiah, who would establish and earthly Kingdom, but instead Jesus told them, “the Kingdom of Heaven is now, and it’s in YOU (Luke 17:20-21).” These Words were not just for then, but for us today. These statements are the very essence of who Jesus is and why He came. The Bible says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Who He came to be then, is who He is for us today. He came to be our savior, but let’s never forget He also came to be our Lord.

Who is Jesus? He is who He lived out before us when He walked on earth. He is the Son of God who said we should love our enemies, and bless those who persecute us even when they despitefully use us (Luke 6:28, Matt 5:44). He is the One who said the greatest in the Kingdom is the one who lays his life down and serves others (Matt 23:11). He is the One who walked with meekness, putting His own will aside and doing and saying only what the Father instructed Him to. He is the One who sought out the hurting and the lost, spending His time healing the sick, ministering to the brokenhearted and pointing everyone in every way to Father God. He is the One who paved the way, teaching and empowering those who believed, how to release the Kingdom of God here on earth. This is Jesus, our Messiah. Anything else we make Him to be is a mistake. As we approach Easter, let’s examine our hearts and discover who our Jesus really is, and if needed, make the adjustments to our thinking and lifestyle. After all, to truly know Jesus is to live like Him.


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