Rob & Jill’s Relationship Rules

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Relationships are a part of life. God intended them to bring us joy, yet they can sometimes be a source of difficulty and conflict. In this book, Rob and Jill get real and uncover some of the reasons why some relationships are more difficult than others and discuss how to improve them. Drawing on experience from their years of pastoral counseling and mentoring as well as their own lives, Rob and Jill give biblical and practical information that will benefit every relationship in life. The relationship rules in this book, will not only help improve difficult relationships but teach how to make good relationships even better!

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How to Get Out of Bondage & Walk in Victory

Bondage is defined as a state of subjection to a power or force.

It’s being restrained by a condition or circumstance that prevents free choice. Many Christians actually live their lives in subjection to the devil and his forces of darkness. Restrained by addictions, fear, depression, sickness, etc.

In her book, “How to Get Out of Bondage & Walk In Victory,” Jill Sparrow talks about her own life of bondage and her deliverance from severe depression and an eating disorder that nearly took her life.

Jill writes about her walk from bondage to freedom through the power of God’s word, giving practical advice and guidance to her readers along the way.

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 The Mountain Moving Mindset


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