Purpose & Vision


God has a unique purpose and plan for every individual He created. He knows  the lives you will impact, and exactly what goals you are to fulfil with the gifts He has given you. As the Head of the Church, Jesus has a purpose for every church, which is just as unique as His plan for each individual.

Our vision is to be an end-time church: a church that replicates the first church described in the Book of Acts. We are a church that emphasizes the development of strong relationships among believers – a church that draws others into the family of God through inspired preaching, Bible study, home fellowship, and evangelism. Integrity Church Naples is a church that grows daily both spiritually and numerically because the life and love of Jesus Christ flow in its midst (Acts 2:14-47; Eph. 4:1-16) We believe that Jesus Christ will soon return to claim the kind of church we have described.

We pray that this purpose and vision will be an inspiration to you. Habakkuk 2:2-3 exhorts us to “…write the vision and engrave it plainly upon the tablets…”  If you are visiting with us and are seeking a home church, we sincerely hope you “catch the vision” as you read this and we invite you to join our family!



    • To be a worship center where people can fall in love with God by entering into His presence.


    • To care for the flock of God entrusted to us and the region around us by committing to make it hard for the lost to go to hell, sick to remain sick, and the poor to live with any lack.


    • To be used to unite the body of Christ with greater unity by serving others.


    • To make prayer be a priority by incorporating it into every area of our lives.  It shouldn’t just be something we do, but be who we are.


    • To facilitate an atmosphere for the presence of God and His healing anointing in every gathering and outreach.


    • To encourage and develop believers in their ability to share the gospel through teaching, preaching and witnessing to the unsaved.


    • To accurately instruct and train the body in God’s word through conferences, seminars, and regular teachings on relevant topics to equip the body to be who God has called them to be.


    • To be a center for children and youth and raise up the next generation to be a passionate one, with a bold voice and testimony for Jesus Christ.


    •  To be used to strengthen families and marriages that will leave a lasting Godly legacy for generations to come.