Never Get Lost!

You’ll never get lost in life when you follow Jesus. I learned this truth many years ago, and it’s something I hold on to.

Running has always been a part of my life. When I was a little girl, my father always ran, and being the “daddy’s girl” that I was, I wanted to be wherever dad was. I can remember as early as 9 years old, begging my dad to take me with him on his early morning run. To my dismay, his answer was always no. This was only because he ran in a wooded park near our house and there was no safe place for me to rest if I needed to. But, my persistence paid off, because one day he finally agreed to take me. I can still hear his voice saying, “You can come with me on one condition… You have to follow me the whole time. We’re not going to stop until we finish the course.” The “course” was a set path in the woods for runners. I remember being overjoyed to be going on this new adventure with dad. That is, until reality set in, and my lungs burned as I struggled to keep up. Still, I didn’t complain even once. I had promised to follow dad, and I knew if I could keep up, he’d let me come again. The path twisted and turned through the dark woods, and even though, I was a little behind, I kept my eyes on my father ahead of me. I knew that as long as I followed him, I wouldn’t get lost and together we would finish the course.

I don’t run as much as I used to these days, but just like you, I’m running a spiritual race daily. The truth I learned back then, still applies to my spiritual race today. As long as I keep my eyes fixed on my Heavenly Father, I’ll never get lost. The Bible says, “The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord (Ps. 37:23).” This means that we can be confident that God will always lead us down the right path in our lives. All we have to do is follow Him.

Sometimes it may seem difficult for us to keep up, especially through the dark times in our lives. But, as we keep our eyes on Him, we can be confident that He’ll never lead us wrong. He will take us through the twists and turns of life, and bring us out on the other side.

Other times, like me, you may be tempted to take a turn down a different path. Proverbs 14:12 says, “There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death.” Remember, even if something looks good, it doesn’t mean it’s for you. God knows what’s best for us. He knows the end from the beginning and in fact, He’s already set us up for success. We’re told in Hebrews 12:1 that our spiritual race is “a race marked out for us.” This means we have an advantage. Our Heavenly Father has already set us up for success. We just have to follow Him.

So I want to encourage you today, as you run your spiritual race, remember to keep your eyes on Jesus. As you follow Him, you can be confident that you’ll never get lost and you’ll always finish strong!


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