Love is Everything

For the last 3 weeks at church the message has been on LOVE. A simple, yet ever so challenging message. Each week we’re being exhorted and challenged to truly understand what true LOVE is and express it in EVERY area of our lives. It’s incredibly eye opening as the Holy Spirit is unpacking the revelation from these verses in 1 Corinthians 13, before our hearts each week.

Wow…. How much is done in our lives without LOVE? Something we all need to examine individually. When we’re impatient LOVE is absent. When we’re boastful or self seeking LOVE is absent. When we’re angry or offended LOVE is absent. While we all have moments when we struggle, we don’t have to be stuck there. Praise God!!! The answer to all of these things is more LOVE. Yet, how do we walk in this seemingly impossible kind of LOVE? Well, in our own strength we can’t, because this LOVE is God Himself being expressed through our very own lives. And what a beautiful expression we can be. We can only do this when we are so filled with our Daddy Gods LOVE for us that it can’t help but pour out. Oh Lord, may we know your LOVE and be an accurate reflection of you each day!!!

I don’t ever want to be a clanging cymbal how about you? I believe 1 Corinthians 13 is meant inspire us to examine our life daily and ask “Is this love?” and if it’s not, to run to our Daddy Gods arms, repent, get a fresh dose of His unconditional love for us and then go forward in our LOVE life with all :))) No matter who we are, we can step up our LOVE walk. Life’s a journey, and how beautiful it is when LOVE rules our hearts.

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