IGNORE the Opposition

Know this – you will face opposition in life. If you don’t learn to ignore it, you’ll be overcome by it. If you’re trying to accomplish something in your life right now, then I know you’re facing opposition. It’s just the way it is. Maybe you’ve been trying to change something about yourself, but people want to keep you in the same old mold. I’ve experienced this before. Ignore it, and each day, continue putting your best effort forward. You WILL change. Maybe you’re trying to accomplish something great in your life and others say, you’ll never do it! Been there too. I love what my husband often says – “If they don’t have anything worthwhile to say, put them on the ‘Pay No Mind’ list.” There are those who sit back and criticize and then those who go after their dreams. Don’t let anyone squash your dreams. God, the Dream Giver placed those dreams in your heart and He’ll help you make them a reality.

Opposition comes in many ways, but its purpose is to stop you from the direction you’re going. The definition of opposition is “resistance expressed in action or argument.” I love to look at the definition of words because I believe it paints a picture in our minds of its full meaning. When I read that definition, I envisioned someone running and suddenly a great wind came, causing the runner to struggle to move forward against the force of it. This is what opposition is like in our lives, a force of negativity that tries to stop us in our tracks.

The Bible talks about resistance when it says, “…RESIST the devil and he WILL flee (James 4:7).” Ultimately, the force behind any opposition we face is from the devil, because his goal is to steal and kill everything in our lives. But, we’re instructed to resist – push back, keep going, remain strong, don’t stop!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I love the picture I chose to go with this article. If you didn’t notice it, take a look now. The woman is running, and she definitely looks like she’s faced some opposition as she ran. BUT…she’s STILL running, and she’s STILL smiling, and I like to imagine that her arm is raised because she’s STILL praising God. She’s ignoring the opposition and moving forward towards her dreams and goals. Now look at that picture and imagine yourself and all you’re facing, and see yourself ignoring the opposition and moving forward to victory in every area in your life. And know this, you’re never alone. Even though you will face opposition, Jesus gave you all you need to overcome it and He’s right there with you cheering you on!





    1. Perry West
      January 23rd

      I love this post, especially the running theme. I have been feeling the hand of opposition and have been this woman’s twin for two weeks now. with the power from Jesus I am keeping my path and putting my best foot forward as I get up after being knocked down repeatedly.

    2. Jill
      January 26th

      Thank you for sharing! Thank you Lord for blessing Perry and for even greater victories in his life than ever before!

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