Healed From the Inside Out

We all have invisible wounds…a pain that’s goes beyond skin deep. Things like betrayal, loss, abuse, abandonment; things we’ve experienced that have left their mark upon us.  For some, the pain is so great it debilitates them. For others the affect is subtle, popping up at inopportune times, hindering joy, causing fear, damaging relationships, and stealing peace.

Most of us, if not all have had a cry in our hearts that may sound something like this: “If only I never experienced these things. If only my upbringing was different. If only I had made better choices.  If only…  There are a few “If only” statements I’ve cried out in the past. That is, until I met a woman in the Bible, whose “If only” cry became a turning point in her life.

This woman in the Bible was sick. In fact, her sickness defined her, as she was known only as “the woman with the issue of blood.” She bled for years with no relief in sight. The doctors couldn’t help her and society considered a lost cause.  Yet in God’s eyes, there are no lost causes. I believe however, that her sickness was more than just physical. Why? Because everyone has hurts that they deal with in life… I read a quote the other day that struck me: Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind.” How true. Often, it’s the silent battle raging within.

While we don’t know all that the woman with the issue of blood dealt with, we do know what she did about it. In Mark 5:28 we hear her “If only…” cry when she saw Jesus. “If I only touch His clothes, I will be healed.” You see, she knew the cure to any ailment she had was Jesus. It wasn’t her doctor, or her therapist, or well meaning friends…it was Jesus. And that day, He changed her life forever. “Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole… (v. 34).” I believe Jesus chose His words carefully that day, because something significant had happened. He healed her from the inside out.

Often, when Jesus laid hands on the sick he said, “be healed,” but to this woman, He proclaimed her whole.  In fact, the Greek word he used was “sozo,” which means saved. Because of her belief in Jesus she was saved. And know this – Salvation is more than just going to heaven when we die, it’s more than just having access to earthly blessing and even physical healing, it’s a relationship with the one true God that brings wholeness to us from the inside out. John 17:3 explains to us that eternal life is “knowing the One true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent.” Knowing Him in an intimate relationship that brings wholeness to every area of our lives. We can’t fix ourselves, but our Creator can, and it’s through relationship with Him that this takes place.

You see, God doesn’t just want to heal us, He wants us WHOLE. He doesn’t want to place a band-aid on us or give us a temporary fix. He wants to impart His Life to us so that everything touched by it flourishes. Proverbs 18:14 says, “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?” Now medical science even proves this to be true. When we deal with emotional pain, it affects our bodies in a negative way. Toxic thoughts and emotions literally release toxins into our body. Not only that, these inner wounds become target areas that the enemy can gain access through into our lives.  It’s through these access points he’s able to torment us and bring emotional pain, physical sickness and affect every other area of our lives. This is why we may find ourselves going through repeated cycles of sickness and defeat. We may get healed of one thing only to struggle with another, face chronic sickness, broken relationships or patterns of defeat.

This is why it’s important to know that God is not only our physical Healer, but He’s the also the Great Physician who can go where no surgical knife can go –into our very souls. Only He can bring the healing to our lives that we so desperately need.  He touches our memories, our heart break, our every inner hurt. He washes away the invisible, but very real fingerprints of abuse, applies His healing balm to the pain of rejection and loss and brings healing to us in our memories and emotions.  God, the one who created us, is the only one who can mend what’s broken.

This healing comes through relationship with our Creator. The more we spend time with God, the more He’s able to reveal His love to us and bring that healing on the inside. I remember speaking to someone who was dealing with severe chronic pain in her hip, and as she was spending time with God one day, He gently showed her areas of hurt from abuse in her life that He wanted to heal. He also showed her the unforgiveness she had been holding onto. As she prayed for the Lord to bring healing to her emotions and verbally confessed forgiveness, she suddenly felt bones beginning to shift in her pelvis and hip area until the pain she felt for so long was completely was gone! Sometimes our physical issues are related to our inner struggles. The things we deal with on the inside seep out whether in physical issues or personal struggles like, over-eating, compulsive behavior, anger issues, depression, fear etc… The list can go on, but we know the cure for them all praise God!

I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of inner healing in my life as I’ve cultivated a personal relationship with God. Many times there were physical things I was facing that were completely cured as I received healing of emotional pain. I’ve also been set free of things that held me back from enjoying life and reaching my potential in Christ. I remember a time  in my life that I hated looking in the mirror because of the pain I saw in my own eyes. It was then my “If only…” cry became like the woman in the Bible. I reached out and encountered Jesus through my personal time with Him. Through reading the Word, prayer and times of worship, my life was transformed from the inside out. Like and onion, peeling back the layers of pain, the Lord revealed things to me, so that I can release them, forgive and allow His great love to come in and heal my life. It was then, one day I looked in the mirror and began to cry because I no longer saw pain, I saw God’s eyes of love looking back at me. I had been healed from the inside out, and the life of Jesus from within me flowed into every other area of my life.

What battles rage within you from the invisible wounds you have? It doesn’t matter what it is, the cure is found in Jesus. Let your cry be, “If only I can encounter Jesus, my life will never be the same.” Then run into His ever open arms, and just spend time with Him letting Him love you and bring wholeness to you spirit, soul and body.



    1. Rob
      March 1st

      Great Word, Jill!!

    2. Jill
      March 8th

      Thanks Hon!

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