Open Our Eyes

The Bible talks a lot about the unseen realm. There are spiritual forces at work all around us. The enemy and his demons work in the unseen. Satan is called the prince of the air, yet the King of all Kings, more powerful than a prince, operates in the unseen realm as well. At this […]

A Piece of the Puzzle

God is coming back for His Glorious Bride. He’s coming back for THE church not a church. As believers in Christ our call is to be His vessels to bring forth His Glory on the face of the earth. This isn’t going to happen through a divided people, but a united people with like hearts […]

The Second Best Liar

The second best liar is inspired by the best liar. Satan, the father of all lies, is the best liar. The second best liar is the one that fills your future with eyes of fear:  WORRY. Worry will steal your life while you’re still living. Worry is wasting today’s time and cluttering up tomorrow’s opportunities […]