Who Is Your Jesus?

With Easter nearby, my heart has been pondering the full meaning of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. Do we really have a full understanding of who our Jesus is? This season is a good time to realign our hearts and lives if needed, because the reality is, to truly know Jesus is to live like He did. […]

What if the phone rings and it’s the doctor calling with a bad report? Whose report will you believe? Did you know you had a choice? We have a Great Physician who always gives us a good report. No matter what it looks or feels like, His report is greater! His report says that we shall […]

Healed From the Inside Out

We all have invisible wounds…a pain that’s goes beyond skin deep. Things like betrayal, loss, abuse, abandonment; things we’ve experienced that have left their mark upon us.  For some, the pain is so great it debilitates them. For others the affect is subtle, popping up at inopportune times, hindering joy, causing fear, damaging relationships, and stealing peace. […]